Sunday, September 20, 2009

Plush Photoshoot

A couple of weeks ago, I took every single one of my plushies (actually, I accidentally left one at home, only to find him smiling at me and looking rather smug when I got back) ... to the woods. I was fed up of the boring and poor quality photos I had been using for my etsy, where they had just been photographed against a white background. My camera had been playing up and the white was showing up as various shades of blue and purple, which in turn threw all the other colours out. Anyway, I took them to Wharncliffe Woods and arranged them in trees/bushes/logs and managed to take quite a few pics. Below are the ones I have put onto etsy.

Chibi the Sweet Toothed Hyperactive Monster Plush

Chibi loves to eat sweets. Unfortunately when Chibi consumes even a small amount of sugar her eyes brighten, her cheeks become flushed and she bounces off the walls for a solid hour before she wears herself out.

She once jumped off my shoulder, dived straight into a family sized trifle and scoffed the lot. She still insists that the fact that she was up all night rocking back and forth, humming at high frequency and didn't stop twitching for 2 days was completely unrelated to the trifle incident.

Jingle the Hugs and Kisses Monster Plush

To say that Jingle is quite affectionate would be like saying clowns are fairly scary. A monster understatement (no pun intended… okay, pun slightly intended).

Anything or anyone that stands still for long enough gets a kiss and a cuddle. It may sound sweet, but after your fourth cuddle in under 3 minutes, it starts to wear a little thin. The solution? Don’t stand still!

Mambo the Mushroom Monster Plush

Mambo is an enthusiastic little guy who enjoys nothing more than jumping around the woods annoying woodland folk. He sings off key, swings from trees and stomps around, all in the name of fun. I won’t repeat what the fairies say about him but you can bet your bolognaise he’s not on their Christmas card list.

The elves just think he’s misunderstood (but funnily enough, he’s not on their Christmas card list either).

Meryl the Awesome Skull Bunny Plush [sold]

Meryl is awesome. She collects lightbulbs and blue elastic bands, and wants to be a hair pin bend when she grows up. She’s completely stark raving bonkers, but it actually suits her. Not like her imaginary friend Lucas, who’s obviously just pretending to be loony to get more attention.

Sparrow - the Monster with a Huge Heart. Or Two.

Sparrow is a very friendly monster who loves to make new friends. His motto is ‘the more the merrier’ …but I think he was talking about cookies at the time.

Sparrow is very easy going and if he were any more laid back he’d be upside down (he already spends a lot of his time horizontal). His favourite hobby is lying on his back outside and looking for the shapes of monkeys in the clouds